The Popularity of Football in Asia

How popular is it football in Asia? Well, if you haven’t visited any country in Asia, you probably could not tell that the Asian people are considered themselves as the die-hard fans of this universal sport. One of the most visible proofs is the availability of licensed-football school around the Asia and there are some major football clubs from UK, Italy, Spain, and even Germany and French are competing as well as determine to found the best football players that Asia can have. Just like in Brazil, most children and even adults are always choosing to play football than any other sports because football brings them together no matter what their educational background.

Another proof that you surely do not miss is the fact that during the off-season, there are so many football clubs who scheduled their team and football stars to go on Asian football tour events. This type of event is not only to promote their licensed-football schools, but also to help the Asian countries to spread more awareness about football. A spokes person for M88 Indonesia said “We expect to see record view figures during the 2014-2015 English Premier League season.” Of course there are other reasons why there are so many European football clubs which schedule Asia as their primary off-season destination.

One of the most common reasons is because the fans at Asia are considered as the most profitable fans compare to other fans around the world. The number of sales for official merchandise items such as shirts, water bottle, keychain, lunch box, slippers, and even mobile phone accessories are considered very high. The football clubs can even score more profits if they sell memorabilia or limited edition official merchandise items and the usually, the most expensive offering is coming from an Asian fans because for the Asian fans, football is like their second religion.

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Searching the Right Camping Ground

How difficult is it to find the right camping ground? Well, it is difficult if this is your first time camping with your kids, but that does not mean that you can’t found the right camping ground where you can finally teach your kids about the great outdoors. If you live in Ontario, Canada, it is not that difficult to find the ideal camping ground for your family because there are so many camping grounds available for you and each of them offer different camping experience, different outdoor activities, and different ambience. So, which camping ground that you should choose?

There are so many choices of campground that you can choose, but one of the most recommends is the campgrounds near Collingwood. One of the reasons why you should camp on the aforementioned camping ground is because it is a great place where you can take your family for a fun and exciting weekend getaway. The Campgrounds Near Collingwood are not far from the Southern Ontario’s most beautiful and visited locations as you can have direct access to the finest locations and attractions like the longest freshwater beach in the world – the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. Are there any other attractions?

Of course there are other attractions such as the Blue Mountain Village where you can get the chance to personally meet and encounter one of the hippest and most adored little villages in Southern Ontario. You can enjoy the live music, participating in the festivities at many events which schedule to be held almost every month. Do not miss to photograph the beautifully constructed building around the village and be part of the fun and family-friendly movie night events throughout the summer months. This unique and particular campground in Collingwood offers you so many sights, sounds, and attractions of the area and it is the place where you can experience various outdoor activities.

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4 Important Reasons Why Athletes Should Pay Attention To Their Nutrition

Good nutrition is, undoubtedly, important for everyone. However, athletes in particular experience firsthand how their performance can be affected by not eating properly. This is because their need for calories is sufficiently greater than that of the ordinary person and ranges between 2,000 and 5,000 calories depending on one’s gender. Therefore, athletes who do not place good nutrition high up in their list of priorities are advised to consider how this can impact not only their performance, but their health as well.

How Important Is Proper Nutrition For Athletes?

Below we look at 4 reason why athletes should pay close attention to their nutrition:

1. Weight Control

Proper nutrition is central to maintaining a healthy weight especially in female athletes where it can be a hot-button issue. If you need to shed excess pounds, severely restricting protein, calories, or fat is not only dangerous for the body, but it can also negatively impact one’s performance.

Filling up on whole grains, high-fiber vegetables, and legumes is thus recommended in order to obtain essential nutrients. Additionally, low-fat dairy foods and lean protein sources are also advisable. One can also incorporate the services of a registered dietician who can identify any unhealthy dietary behaviors and create an eating plan designed to address an athlete’s unique needs.

2. Performance And Energy

Protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats provide the requisite fuel that is needed to maintain energy. For starters, carbohydrates are involved in the regulation of glycogen and blood sugar levels in the muscles which is crucial in warding off muscle fatigue. And while watching fat intake for an athlete is vital, severely restricting it from the diet is unwise. This is because fat provides the body with essential fatty acids that are used as an energy source by the body, especially for activities lasting longer than the hour.

In fact, research shows that it can provide upwards of 75% of the energy needed by endurance athletes for sustained aerobic performance. Lastly, proteins aid the body in building new tissue and are also used as an energy source. The more an athlete is involved in resistance training, the higher their protein need is.

 3. Mental Health

Good nutrition is also vital for an athlete’s mental stability since sports men and women are required to work well under pressure. Players/athletes are required to have critical thinking and problem solving skills as they have to make quick decisions that are based on rules, safety, regulations, teamwork and strategy. Moreover, athletes have to block out various distractions in order to accomplish their goal(s). It is thus imperative for them to maintain good nutrition and eat proper foods that keep their minds agile and sharp.

 4. Hydration

When participating in sports or working out, staying hydrated is paramount. This is because failure to maintain an ideal fluid balance in the body not only affects performance, but puts athletes at the risk of suffering the effects of dehydration. Water helps in the transportation of nutrients throughout the body as well as providing musculoskeletal lubrication.

Remember, while dehydration can occur in any environment, it becomes a concern for those engaging in physical activity in humid or hot conditions. It is, perhaps, no surprise that water is often the go-to source for maintaining a healthy fluid balance, but if you are engaging in intense physical activity for sustained periods, drinking a sports drink to replenish lost electrolytes is highly advisable.

This article is brought to you buy FHAW (Full Health And Wellness). For more up to date and informative articles on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, please visit our website and subscribe to our updates.

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Choosing the Right Men’s Underwear for Sports

One thing about men that most women do not understand is that men are very selective when it comes to choose the right underwear whenever they want to do sport or working out at the gym. It is without any reason why men very selective in choosing underwear because choosing the wrong underwear can definitely ruin the concentration while they are working out. Now, here are some useful tips for men in choosing not only the right, but also comfortable underwear before they work out in the gym. The first thing is the material used on the underwear where most brands are combining cotton and polyester as the main fabric or material.

The primary reason why most men’s underwear is made of cotton and polyester materials is because cotton has the ability in absorbing sweats and during intense work out sessions, the men’s crotch area can sweat a lot and the underwear can help reduce the uncomfortable feeling of heat and damp by absorbing the sweat. The mens boxershorts for example, the polyester material or fabric is coming handy when during the physical activity because polyester is very sturdy and durable so the underwear is going to follow the body movement.

Now that you know that there are two important materials on men’s underwear, the next tip for you is choosing the right or even the perfect size for the underwear. Since you are going to wear the boxer short for sporty activities, it is strongly recommended that you should buy one size bigger than your actual size because if you buy one size smaller, there is a big chance that you are going to suffer rashes due to not enough circulation around your waist and crotch area. A good underwear or boxer short gives enough circulation for your skin and make sure that you do not wear this for more than 6 to 12 hours straight because you have to give our skin a chance to breathe.

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Online Football Statistic Table

Only true fans – the die-hard fans are included – who understand the importance of reading the football statistic table. Actually, it is not only for the true fans because the football statistic table is also coming handy for the manager and the coach to monitor and supervise the achievement that the football team is getting before and after the game. So, where can you get the most accurate football league table? Thanks to the discovery of the internet, the die-hard fans of football do not have to wait for the morning, afternoon, or even tomorrow’s newspaper to get the latest football statistic table.

The online football statistic table makes the football fans can stay update about the current matches and the upcoming match that their favorite football club is having. It is not difficult to read the statistic table, but if this is the first time for you, there are some assessments that each of the football club has to fill out like the number of matches that they have played, the goals scored and goals away, the wins away, the goals/match, draws, wins at home, and goals at home. Which type of football league that the online football statistic table has to offer?

Obviously, since the EPL or English Premier League is currently the hottest football league in the world, they have the chance to be on the first page of the online football statistic for the premiership table. Of course there are other world leagues that you can read like the Italian Serie A, The Netherland Eredivisie, the Spanish Primavera Division, the France Ligue 1, the Germany Bundesliga, and many other leagues from around the world. The idea behind this online football statistic table is to bring together all fans of football no matter what league their favorite football club is because football is universal sport across the world.

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The Legendary Muay Thai

Learning about muay Thai means you have to understand about the history of this Thailand sport and what philosophy behind this sacred sport. Not many people understand and even know that in Thailand, muay Thai is proposing the new way of sport and art. The art of eight limbs is what the local, Thai people refer to muay Thai and this type of martial art has been around in Thailand for hundreds of years. So, what makes this sport different from other sports? Well, it is the philosophy behind the muay Thai that makes this sport stands out among other martial arts.

According to history, muay Thai is not only focusing the movements of your hands like in boxing and also not focusing on shin kicks in kickboxing because this ancient martial art uses both your hands and legs as well as other body parts like elbows and knees. In short, muay thai can turn anybody into vicious and lethal weapon. There are different history sources about how this Thai-styled martial art was born, some say that this martial art is created by the earliest Chinese martial arts and brought to Thailand when the Tai people began to settle in Southeast Asia.

Now, from different history sources, the most reasonable answer is the muay Thai is rooted from two different martial at groups and together, they create new and different martial art techniques. It is understandable why the muay Thai consists of different fighting style like the Chinese martial arts, Khmer and Cambodian; those three shaped the very basic style of muay Thai. Before this ancient and multi-cultural martial arts turn into commercial sport, the original purpose in creating this fighting style is as a means of self-defense against the large number of invaders who tried to take over the Southeast Asian regions.

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The New Edition of FIFA Soccer Game

Discussing about this new edition of the FIFA soccer game means you have to take a glimpse on the history on how the soccer manage to be the number one sold console game. We all know that soccer is the universal sport where it can unite different countries around the world and this is one of the reasons why EA Sports is creating the console game version of this sport. Perhaps creating this soccer console game is the best decision that the EZ Sports have to take because they surely have other console game genre waited to be released.

Now, the latest edition of the FIFA soccer game is the 15th edition and judging by this number, you know that EA is planning to release the new soccer game edition next year. But for now, our attention should be around the FIFA 15 because it is already becoming the hottest topic of discussion on any online game forums. Once again, EA Sports has successfully created game teaser to tickle the curiosity of the soccer console game players and they also offer the free copy of the new edition of the soccer console game and you can get it by filling out the online form.

The free copy of the new edition of the soccer console game is 100% free and courtesy of All you have to do is typing your name and email address and the winner will be contacted and notified via email 3 days before the official release date for this soccer console game. What makes the console game players can’t wait to play this soccer game is because they know that the game graphic is more alive compare to other previous editions. Another reason why you should get the free copy of this game is because it has whole new level of console game playing experience where you can test your managerial skill in placing your favorite soccer players.

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10 Interesting Facts About Wimbledon

Every year, Wimbledon draws thousands of visitors to its current location, each person trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite player. Even celebrities make it a point to be in the stands as some of the competition heats up. But outside of the hype often associated with the tournament, there are interesting facts the make up how Wimbledon started, how it is currently run and some of its more notable participants through the years.

First Wimbledon

The first Wimbledon was held back in 1877. Instead of the various matches offered today, there was only one thing to see, the men’s singles. Only 22 men participated that first year and Spencer Gore took home the prize. About 200 spectators were in attendance. It wasn’t until seven years later that men’s doubles and women’s singles were added to the list of competitions taking place.

15-Year Olds Set Records

Charlotte Dod, also known as Lottie, was the youngest player to win a single’s event at Wimbledon. At only 15 years old, she took home the prize back in 1887 only three years after women’s singles were introduced to Wimbledon. But tennis wasn’t her only sport of choice. At the 1908 Olympics, she medaled in archery, went on to play on the British national field hockey team and became a British amateur golf champ. Decades later, Martina Hingis became the youngest doubles champion, also at age 15.

Becker Leaves His Mark

Fast forward to 1985 and Boris Becker joins the elite record breakers of Wimbledon. At only 17, he was the youngest men’s single champ. But that wasn’t enough. At the same time, he was also the first unseeded champ and the first German champ. Becker currently coaches World No.1 player Novak Djokovic.

Tournament Interruptions

Most of the time, Wimbledon keeps going regardless of what is going on in the world. Only twice have the games been suspended. Once the games were interrupted from 1915 to 1918 during World War I. From 1940 to 1945 the games were interrupted. This time, the culprit was World War II.

Even Bombs Can’t Keep Wimbledon Down

During World War II, many areas of Europe were devastated by destruction. Wimbledon was no different. The Centre Court was hit with several bombs in October of 1940. A total of 1200 seats were destroyed. With the war over, play resumed in 1946, but it took nine years from the time it was hit to repair Centre Court.

And The Heavens Opened Up

Delays because of weather tend to be frustrating for both players and fans. Several years were spent debating whether a retractable roof would be a good move. After the games in 2006, the roof was removed, and the following year, there was no roof at all! Finally, in 2009, the retractable roof was revealed. It currently takes about ten minutes to close the roof but because the climate of the space needs to adjust, it sometimes takes almost an hour before anyone can play again. Currently, Centre Court holds 15,000 spectators.

Bad Tempers

To date, only one person has ever been disqualified from the games and it wasn’t a pretty sight to say the least. After losing his temper during a doubles match in 1995, Ten Henman smashed a ball away out of frustration with his current situation. Unfortunately, the ball made contact with the face of a young ball girl named Caroline Hall. Hemnan later apologized publicly for the incident.

Ball Boys and Ball Girls

Today, being a ball boy or girl at Wimbledon is a coveted job. Around 750 applications are accepted each year but only 250 are chosen to be a part of the tournament. They begin training in April after having worked through the first six portions of the online training. These individuals are, on average, 15 years old and receive payment for their work over the course of two weeks.

Dress Appropriately

In recent years, Wimbledon has tightened the belt of its dress code, insisting that players wear mostly white. Some players have scoffed at this idea, including Andre Agassi, who refused to play for two years as a way of protesting. In 2013, Roger Federer was told that he needed to change his shoes because the soles were a different color. This past year, the rules became even stricter as colors like ivory or off-white were no longer considered acceptable. This ten-part decree made waves in the tennis world with everyone, players and fans, taking a side.

All-Time Winners

Billie Jean King has 20 title wins to her name at Wimbledon. With six singles, ten doubles and four mixed doubles to her credit, it comes as no surprise that her name became associated with winning. She also stands out for her win against Bobby Riggs in 1973. Riggs had been one of the top players in the world in the 1940s and was an avid promoter of the sport. He arranged the first Battle of the Sexes and played against Margaret Court, ultimately emerging victorious. The second match was against King, who beat Riggs, and it made a huge impact on her both professionally and personally.

In 2006, Billie Jean King was quoted as saying that Martina Navratilova was the greatest player who had ever lived. Coming from someone with King’s record, this spoke volumes. She set a record at Wimbledon, winning the singles title nine times, six of those consecutive wins. Along with King, Navratilova has 20 Wimbledon wins to her credit.

At times, it seems that tennis is synonymous with Wimbledon. In 2014, over the course of all thirteen days of championships, attendance was recorded at almost a half a million people. The games are televised all over the world and people come from countries everywhere just to be a part of the competition as well as the festivities.

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Custom College Football Jersey

Who does not like to support and wear football jersey? With new seasons, there are so many excitements that await you and wearing the college football jersey is one of the forms of support that you can give. Unfortunately, the official college jersey collections are usually made based on the general size and measurements and if you want to dress you kid; you probably have to choose to order for custom college jersey. It is without any reason why there are so many custom ncaa football jerseys services online and only few of them which able to combine high quality custom jersey fabric with clear and sharp printing images.

Do not be tempted with any offering from an online custom college jersey service which promises you cheap price for printing and customizing college jersey because they might offer poor quality fabric and poor quality printing. For your information, there are 44 NCAA colleges and universities which offering customized football jerseys such as Alcorn State Braves, Montana Grizzlies, Nevada Wolf Pack, Baylor Bears, Indiana Hoosiers, Ohio Bobcats, UCF Knights, and many others. What features can you get if you order for online custom college jersey service? One thing for sure that this custom printing is offering low price with high quality fabric.

Other features that you can get are including 3 day shipping or delivery service for $4.99 and if you place order over $50, you can get free shipping or free delivery service. One of the basic rules in placing order for the customizable college football jerseys is all ordered items can’t be returned or refunded due to the customized product although if there any damage on the items, the custom jersey service will be replaced or exchanged. Make sure that you are entering the correct size and measurements because there is no refund and return for this service and to make sure that your custom jersey is very personal.

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How To Transition To Cold Water Diving

padi-gopro_print_01Many people who scuba dive start off with scuba diving in places with favorable water temperatures such as the popular dive sites in Oahu and the rest of Hawaii. When you become conversant with scuba diving in favorable climates, the best adventure would be trying to scuba dive in cold water.

Choosing scuba diving gear for cold water diving

The wetsuit

Water absorbs body heat at least 80 times faster than air does. This means that you cool much faster in water. Also, when scuba diving you may suffer burns, scrapes and stings. This is why you need thicker wetsuits for scuba diving in cold water. These suits help in retaining heat and offer protection against underwater injuries. Generally dry suits are used for cold water scuba diving as they are created for cold water diving.

The snorkels

This is what allows you to breathe underwater without wasting the air in your tank. For cold water diving, you need to snorkels that have comfortable mouthpieces to avoid chafing and jaw fatigue. The best snorkel should fit your mouth perfectly with the tip facing the crown of your head. Most snorkels are made in such a way that they can be adjusted to fit.

The scuba tank

This is simply a cylinder tank that is used to hold breathing air that is compressed. Common scuba tanks are made from steel or aluminum and can hold pressure of up to 200 bar/3000 psi.The scuba tank should come with a valve which controls the air flow. The valve should have a burst disk which releases air from the air cylinder in case there is too much pressure.

Go for a scuba tank that is comfortable to carry and wear. However, for small statured individuals, smaller tanks would be ideal in order to balance weight.

The regulator

This is equipment attached to the scuba tank. Its purpose is to reduce the pressure of the air to the pressure level required for breathing. It supplies air each time you inhale and directs your breathing into the water every time you exhale. The regulator is also responsible for channeling air to your dry suit and BCD. You should choose a regulator based on performance and how often it has been serviced.

The BCD (buoyancy control device)

This is equipment that allows you to release the air from the bladder to adjust your buoyancy. In turn, this allows you to float and maneuver your way through the water. You choose your BCD based on the how you plan to use it. Also, the type of BCD you choose determines the type of regulator you choose. So, consider your regulator when choosing your BCD.

The scuba mask

This mask acts as your underwater window since the human eyes cannot focus under water. They help you to see clearly under water. Choosing a mask is quite easy, you simply have to go for one that fits best and offers the best view. It is also possible to have masks fitted with special lenses for people with eye conditions.

How to remain warm when diving in cold water

While diving in cold water can be fun, it also comes with a few concerns. Cold water diving can pose a threat to personal safety and may not be as enjoyable as diving in warm water if you do not take time to ensure that you keep warm. Luckily, there are ways through which you can keep warm while diving in cold water. This way, your body will remain in its normal temperature even under cold water.

The ideal way to keep warm when diving in cold water is to choose a thick and insulated wetsuit. This helps in retaining the body temperature.Any water that enters the suit and comes into contact with the body is heated up by the body.

To minimize water circulation in the wetsuit, you need to pick the perfect fit. This, in turn, reduces heat loss from the body.

A good alternative to a wet suit is a dry suit. This is simply a waterproof shell that keeps you dry throughout the dive.

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