Is a Ladies’ Bicycle a Must For Female Cyclists?

When somebody mentions the words “ladies bicycle” perhaps the first image that springs to mind is one of those old, really heavy bikes with a very low top tube – to make it easy to mount, even wearing a long skirt – and maybe with a wicker basket attached to the front. Actually this is a fairly outdated image. The woman riding this particular ladies bicycle is probably middle aged or older. The truth is that there is a huge range of different women’s bicycles on the market these days, and many look just like men’s bikes to the untrained eye; these are the road racing bicycles that may have a shorter, slightly lower top tube, or narrower handlebars.

The question remains though, are ladies bicycles a necessity, or is it just as good for a woman to ride a bike designed for men? The answer is that it really does not matter; what is important is that the bicycle fits you. After all, all women are not built exactly the same – of course, certainly they are all different from the men! What is perfect for one woman might be a horribly uncomfortable cycle for another.

Nevertheless, the average woman will have longer legs, a shorter torso, shorter arms and smaller hands and feet than the average man of comparable height. This means that there are certainly some beneficial modifications that can be made in the design of bicycles for ladies. As mentioned briefly above, the top tube can be shortened and made to slope downwards from the handlebars to the saddle tube. This has the effect of bringing the handlebars closer to the saddle, which makes them easier for a woman to reach. On many cruiser bikes, the top bar attaches so low to the saddle tube that they look like those vintage ladies bicycles where the rider can simply step over to mount while wearing skirts or summer dresses.

Another change that is apparent on the women specific design (WSD) bikes is narrower handlebars often made of thinner tubing to accommodate a woman’s smaller hands. The brake levers are generally close-reach for the same reason. These modifications all make for a safer ride, both because they stop the female rider from having to stretch in order to steer, which makes pulled muscles a high possibility; but also because maintaining a comfortable riding position allows better overall control of the bike.

On the subject of comfort, ladies bicycle saddles are also different to those made for men. They are wider to better support a woman’s sitting bones and generally have a cutout in the center to provide a more comfortable riding experience. In some of the leisure bikes, the saddles are also padded or have their own shock absorbers.

So ladies bicycles are not a “must” have for women, as it pays its own rewards for each individual to find the best bike for herself. However, the frame geometries and other women specific modifications to these bicycles probably does warrant labelling them a “should” have.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bicycle Rollers

Bicycle rollers are one type of bicycle training device which can help you to ride a bicycle indoors without moving forward. But is has some difference from other types of bicycle trainers in that the rollers are not connected to the bicycle frame. Besides, riders should balance themselves on the rollers while training. However, unlike other types of bicycle trainers, rollers do not attach to the bicycle frame, and the rider must balance him or herself on the rollers while training.

Generally, the bicycle rollers are composed of three cylinders, drums, or “rollers”. Rollers can be made of different materials such as the wood, aluminum alloy, or plastic. Among them, those made of the aluminum alloy are relatively better. As a main part, the frame also plays a rather important role as to the whole machine. The frame may fold in the middle for storage or transport. And it may be made from welded steel or extruded aluminum. A belt connects one of the rear rollers to the front roller, causing the front wheel of the bicycle to spin when the bicycle is pedaled. The spacing of bicycle rollers can usually be adjusted to match the bicycle’s wheelbase. Generally, the front roller is adjusted to be slightly ahead of the hub of the front wheel.

Different types of bicycle rollers have specific features. You should choose them according to your own requirements. There are various different features such as magnetic resistance, fork stands, headwind fans, flywheel belt guards, and folding packages, etc. Moreover, they also have many other advantages. For example, they are undoubtedly ideal options for training indoors. They are excellent for improving your form, balance and spin. Therefore, your bicycle handling skills can also be improved.

Of course, they also have many disadvantages. It is very difficult for riders to mount the stationary bike because the combined height of the roller system and bicycle is rather high, which may lead to the falling and harming of riders. In addition, it is rather hard to keep the rider and the bicycle both situated within the extremely slender width of the roller drums without tipping over or simply falling off the edges.

Although they may cause some safety problems, you can avoid those problems by riding them as carefully as you can. Thus, bicycle rollers are still an ideal bicycle training device for you to choose. Here is another point you should pay attention to. Prices of bicycle rollers are various, so you must shop carefully to find satisfactory products of your own.

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Kestrel RT800 Road Bicycle Review

The Kestrel RT800 allows the rider to transfer more power to the rear wheel, and it has a stiffer ride as well as a higher overall component group. When you order your bike, it will be delivered in the original packaging. The derailleur’s, crank, shifters, as well as the rear brakes and headset will already be assembled upon delivery and attached to the frame. The cables are routed through the frame of the bike, to allow for a smoother wind resistant ride. When it comes to competitive cycling every little bit counts.

You will have to do a little assembly once your bike has been shipped. You will have to mount install the front fork, and mount the caliper, as well as the handlebar and seat. If you do not consider yourself one of those people who can easily build things, or in this case put things together, the instructions and other documents are included. The Kestrel guide is very detailed; it even has torque specs for the seat post and clamp. There are also instructions for the installation of the derailleur and brake cable routing. The manufacture has even included two bottles of touch up paint, just encase.

Included with your Kestrel RT800 you will find an adapter that will allow the use of most standard 27.2mm seat post, if you decided that you do not want to use the standard aero post that comes with the bike.

For all of you hardcore biking enthusiasts I have included some specifications and a little geometry information in this Kestrel RT800 review. The bike color is black, white, and green, the size ranges from 48-51-53-55-57-59 and 62CM. It weighs 17.8 pounds; the handlebar is crafted from the highest quality – Kestrel EMS Pro 31.8MM – with gel.

The bike fork is an EMS Pro SL Carbon Steerer 1 1/8″, the step is a profile Cobra OS, the included headset is an Orbit Z Deep Cup, w/14mm Carbon Top Cover. The shifters, brake levers, front der., rear der. bottom bracket, crankset, chain, cassette, and brakes are all SHIMANO 105 BLACK.

Kestrel has, and still remains, the leader among bike enthusiast. They are well known for creating the first carbon bike and their innovative designs. The Kestrel RT800 is, no matter how you research it a, much better bike for the price, as compared to its counterparts. Kestrel always will be the choice of bikes for hard-core cycling enthusiasts. This model gets five stars for this road bike review.

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Bicycle Accessories – Improving the Ride

As someone who lives in a city where traffic just seems to get worse and worse, I honor those who chose to get around on bicycles rather than in cars. I find their decision even more impressive considering the amount of inconvenience than can result. Cyclists have to deal with all kinds of challenges that don’t affect drivers, so it’s good to know that there exist a fair number of bicycles accessories that can alleviate some of those challenges. Such accessories can include lights, locks, pumps, racks, trailers and even computers, and they can be purchased at most cycling or outdoor equipment stores.

One of the most common bicycle accessories is the bicycle light. This device makes the cyclist safer by simultaneously making him easier to see and allowing him to see better. Bicycle lights are usually powered with batteries, although some use an electrical generator. The latter option has the advantage of unlimited duration, but the maximum power output is relatively low. The lamps used on bicycle lights fall into three categories. They are, in order of dimmest to brightest, tungsten filament, halogen and high intensity discharge (HID). The cost of these lights, as one would expect, rises along with the level of light produced. The NiteRider MiNewt X2 LED, the DiNotte 600-LI-HC and the Sigma Sport Triled/Cuberider Combo are all examples of bicycle lights.

Bicycle theft can be a big problem among cyclists, especially in urban settings. Bicycle locks are usually intended to be used in conjunction with bicycle racks, although realistically they used to secure the bicycle to any object. The problem with securing bicycles is that the various pieces come apart. So even if the front wheel of the bike is secured, the rest of the bike may be detached and stolen. The most effective locks secure the frame and wheel or wheels to an immovable object. U-locks are the most secure kind of bicycle lock. The bodies of these locks are often made from solid steel, which makes them very difficult for thieves to cut through. Chain and cable locks are also popular, and but the level of their effectiveness depends on the strength of their materials.

Anyone who owns a bicycle should probably own a bicycle tire pump. These usually take the form that most people are familiar with, a hand-operated piston that forces air into the tire. This kind of bicycle tire pump ranges in price from $20 to $120. However, some bicycle pumps use pressured air cartridges to re-inflate tires. These pumps are much smaller and resemble an inhaler in appearance. Their small size makes them very convenient as a means of emergency tire repair on extended bicycle trips.

Bicycle computers are a fairly recent innovation, and they can range anywhere from $20 to $650. The simples models usually only offer information like the cyclist’s current speed, trip distance and present time. However, the most expensive models have features like GPS, mapping software, barometers, and heart monitors. Some bicycle computers can even communicate with each other, allowing cyclists to monitor other individuals in a group.

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How Have The Famous Bicycle Brands Designed Their Bike Logo Designs?

Before you go off to crafting your own bike company’s brand mark, you should know how the giants of the industry have created theirs.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous bicycle companies and their business emblems.

TIME: This famous French bicycle manufacturer has crafted their bike logo simply and sophisticatedly. It simply contains the company name in straight fonts that are slanted in one direction to represent speed. The prominent red color in the emblem makes it look energetic and attractive.

Colnago: This famous Italian road bike manufacturer uses an image that is similar to the clubs that are used in the playing cards. This adds an imaginative and traditional touch to the emblem.

Trek: This American company’s symbol consists of the business name with an image of a shield. The prominent colors of the shield are red and silver which adds a chic and stylish look to the monogram.

Schwinn: This American manufacturers’ brand mark consists of a round monogram with an image of a four edged star in the center. Red and silver colors are used in the emblem that makes it attractive and sophisticated. Overall, the symbol is compact and condensed which makes it suitable to be adorned in any vehicle.

Merida: China’s famous bike emblem consists of the business name in sharp edged and slightly slanted fonts with a symbol accompanying it that resembles a lightning bolt. The black and white colors of the monogram along with the florescent green add a sharp and attractive look to the trademark.

This famous US brand bike company emblem contains an image of an almost abstract image of the letter ‘C’ that represents the corporation name. The sharp edges of the letter along with the classic combination of black and white add a sophisticated touch to the symbol.

Marin: Here, you will notice that this manufacturer started off their emblem with a shield that consisted of an image of a mountain bear and an American flag but later altered it to consist only of an illustration of the bear. Their latest design only contains an image of the business name in sharp edged and straight fonts that represent the aggressive nature of their corporation and product.

NICOLAI: The unique fact about this German mountain bike logo is that the business name is crafted with letters that are inverted which makes it look like a code. The thick, straight and sharp fonts add to the appeal.

A common component that was noticed in all of these emblems was the depiction of speed in their trademark; whether it was through the image of an animal or through the slanted fonts. No matter what images were used for the emblem, the fonts were crafted to be straight and sharp edged to represent professionalism and proficiency of the corporation.

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Guide to Bicycle Wheel Parts and Bicycle Wheel Types

A typical bicycle wheel consist of three major types namely the rim, spokes, and the tire. The rim is the part that secures the tires to the wheel and it is usually made of steel, aluminum alloy, or carbon fiber. Spokes, meanwhile, are the thin and usually cylindrical metal parts that connect the rim to the hub of the wheel. A regular bicycle wheel can have anywhere between 12 to 48 spokes at a time. Finally, the tire is the outermost part of the wheel. It is usually made of rubber and can be either tubular or clincher.

Types of bicycle wheels
In the same manner that there are different kinds of bicycles for different kind of cycling hobbies, there are also different kinds of bicycle wheel types. At the least, there are three basic bicycle wheel types that you can choose from. These are the racing bicycle wheels, mountain bike wheels, and BMX wheels.

Racing wheels, as the name implies, are the bicycle wheels you need if you want to enter a bicycle racing event. These wheels feature aerodynamic, lightweight spokes and tires that would allow you to ride fast through any given race track.

Meanwhile, mountain bike wheels are bicycle wheel types that are specifically designed for mountain biking. These tires usually have clincher tires and around 26-inch rims. They allow for easy biking through mountain trails because they feature lower air pressure tires that provide better shock absorption and traction.

Finally, there are the BMX wheels designed especially for BMX bicycles. They are usually shorter and wider than mountain bike wheels, which make them ideal for dirt tracks and jumps.

Given how the different types of bicycle wheels described above are designed for particular types of bicycles, it goes without saying that you must choose buy bicycle wheels according to what type of bicycle you own. This way, you can get maximum performance from both your bicycle and your bicycle wheels.

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GT Bicycles – The Best Among the Best

Are you looking for the best kind of bicycle you can ever come across for various kinds of terrains? You can be sure that the only bicycle that can give you the best of satisfactions in this regard is a product from GT Bicycles. The company is a manufacturing company par excellence. It is one of the largest manufacturers of various bicycles; be it for road use or mountain use. If your choice of bicycle is a BMX, you can be sure that GT Bicycle is up to the task of providing you with something that will blow your mind.

The company originally began in 1979. It was founded by a man named Gary Tuner (GT for short) along with Richard long. Gary Tuner was a welding engineer while Richard Long was a bike shop owner. The company went through a series of turbulent times before it was able to arrive at the exalted position it is today.

How can you identify the GT mountain bike? It sports a triple triangle frame design. The bicycle is designed in such a way that vibration to the seat from the rear wheel is greatly reduced. This is one of the innovative ideas that give GT bicycles its esteemed place among various kinds of bicycles available today.

There are various models of the different kinds of bicycles being manufactured by GT bicycles. The BMX comes in various kinds; like Interceptor, Match One, Pro Series (Team model) and Speed Series. You can have various types too to choose from in case what you desire is either a mountain bicycle or a road bicycle. Some of the available types are Chucker, Rave, Rage, Palomar, Rebound, Tempest, Lightning, Avalanche and various other types.

You can be sure that each of these types is capable of giving you a rather special kind of feeling as far as cycling is concerned.

GT bicycle manufacturing company is not only involved in making bicycles like many bicycle manufacturers out there, the company also has several teams that are competing in various cycling competitions; be it Mountain, BMX or Road competition. GT bicycle is also involved in the Co-factory team, which is made up of various riders that are riding for local dealers representing GT Bicycle form all over the United States.

The GT bicycles are made specifically to take your experience of cycling to the very next level. If you are actually looking for something that will give you both comfort and speed, you then will want to make the GT bicycle your choice. The bicycles are damn fast (sorry about the bad language). If you want a bicycle that you can actually rely upon solely in times of emergency, you then will be making the right decision by purchasing for yourself a GT bicycle.

The company had made this legacy of building ‘fast-as-hell’ bicycles their watchword since its onset. This legacy is still well maintained even till present time. With GT bicycles, the distance is nothing worth worrying about. You can get it covered in no time at all.

You can easily get this bike purchased online without any hassle whatsoever. All you need to do is get yours ordered online. Within a very short time after placing your order, you will surely get your bicycle delivered at your door step. This is a proof to the swiftness of online purchasing.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle insurance is no longer considered to be a very tiny market, as it is not usual to find a person riding a bicycle made of carbon fibre and worth thousands of dollars. More and more insurance companies are getting into this market and are now providing insurance policies specifically designed for bicycles. But you need to be aware that there could be huge differences in the policies offered from different companies.

For example, a certain bicycle insurance provider may charge as little as $6 per month, but it is aimed more at people who are worried their bicycle will get stolen, and so it doesn’t include any public liability costs in the event of an accident. But another company may charge $19 per month, but are more aimed at public liability coverage rather than theft and/or damage. In many countries, bicycle insurance is not very common yet, and websites to compare insurance prices haven’t caught on yet, so finding the best deal for your bicycle insurance may be a bit of a challenge.

Insurance against Damage or Theft
If a safe and secure bicycle is the highest priority, then you should contact your home and contents insurance provider to find out if bicycles are already included. If your home and contents insurance policy does not specify bicycles, then you would probably be limited by how much you could claim anyway. If you are someone who owns a very expensive bicycle, an extra $10-$15 a month may be a worthwhile expense if it gives you a little peace of mind. A crucial point that people should be aware of is whether or not their bicycle insurance policy will cover their bikes when away from home. This is because each year, thousands and thousands of bicycles are stolen from parks, streets and workplaces. You need to ensure your bike is always secured with a lock when away from home, or else you risk the insurance company not covering you.

Travel Insurance for Bicycles.
If you have a household policy, you should check to see if the policy also covers you while you are travelling on holidays. If your policy covers you while travelling, does it give you enough coverage for your bicycle as a single item? Are there any exclusions you need to be aware of?

Travel insurance is always great, but you need to make sure that it offers enough coverage for your bike as a single item in the event that it is lost or stolen during transit. You should also investigate the policies of your airline or transport operator with regards to lost or damaged items (such as your bike).

Public Liability Insurance? Tell me more…
This will vary between countries. The consequences, both financial and physical, to you if you are involved in an accident with a pedestrian, another cyclist or motorist can be very traumatic. Even if you are not at fault, the court costs, medical and legal expenses can be extremely high. Public liability insurance will cover you if you are at fault, and it also covers you if the other party is at fault or does not have any insurance.

In some cases, normal household insurance or car insurance may provide coverage for public liability case, but you should always ask your insurance provider. You should contact your insurance provider to make sure.

The Benefits of Bicycle Insurance
There are many benefits to having bicycle insurance. You should really consider it due to the number of thefts and accidents happening each year around the world, and also the number of uninsured riders who are left with out-of-pocket expenses.

It makes sense to go for bicycle insurance from a provider who already provides insurance for cyclists. They should also ask you if you can prove the bicycle is yours and care quite strongly about what sort of lock you are using to lock it up when you grab a coffee with friends or leave it outside work.

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Bicycle Accessories That Make Riding Easier

When you browse around a bike shop, it is easy to get caught up in all of the accessories there are to buy. Some you can easily brush off and find no need for, however, even casual bike riders should consider purchasing various bicycling accessories to make their riding much more comfortable. You don’t need any accessories to ride a bike (accept for a helmet for safety), however, I realized after starting back to riding that specific items are now a necessity for myself.

The first thing I purchased for my bicycle was a well-cushioned comfort seat. You can find various types in a bike shop including ones that you can pull over your regular seat. I prefer buying a whole new seat rather than to cover up an uncomfortable one. If you ride for exercise or just for fun, a good padded seat will allow you to ride for much longer periods of time. You can install a new seat yourself or have the bike shop do it for you. Seats are one of the many bicycle parts that are easy to self install.

Another accessory update that helps are pedals with teeth. Most new bicycles come with stock pedals that offer no real grip. These types of pedals are made of solid steel and have teeth or claws that provide a strong grip for the soles of your shoes. These types of pedals can prevent your feet from slipping off of the pedals which can cause an accident.

If you do any type of night riding, it would be wise to invest in a quality headlight. I learned not to go too cheap on a bicycle light because the cheaper models barely light up enough for you to see what is ahead of you. A good high beam bicycle light will provide tons of light to see the road ahead as well as alert any oncoming traffic. The better quality lights usually require a battery pack that are rechargeable. The same goes for having a back light. These are not as expensive but are a good idea to have as the more light you have the less chance of cars not seeing you.

One accessory that you may not consider is the bicycle bell. I was one of those people who laughed at the thought of having a bell on my bike. A bell makes it much easier to warn people ahead of you to make way because you are coming through. This helps a lot when you are on a bike trail. Some bike trails also have people walking on them. Rather than yelling out “on your left” or “on your right”, you can simply ring your bell a few times and people will move to the side. This also works great when passing up other bike riders who may not hear you yell out.

Other accessories that add to comfort are bicycle gloves and bottle attachment. Padded gloves will save your hands from calluses and a bottle attachment makes carrying water or a sports drink much easier. Next time you are browsing bicycle accessories, you may want to ask yourself if a particular item could make your riding experience much more comfortable as well as safer.

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Locating Those Hard-To-Find Bicycle Parts and Accessories

I am almost certainly not the only person who’s blown away finding the great diversity of the bicycles that are currently available. Much like the majority of people my age, I grew up using a simple bike with one speed and coaster brakes. That was good for quick outings nevertheless when I bought my very first 3-speed Schwinn bicycle I started to really enjoy the activity of biking. Right after college I found that 10-speed touring bicycles were great for extended flat rides but the riding position killed my back.

I remember the first mountain bikes that made their way to the marketplace and they seemed to deal with the comfort challenges. Through the basic addition of a softer seat and a bit of handlebar resetting, the rider could ride in a nearly upright posture. The only real problem I noticed had been the hard ride provided by standard mountain bike tires. About this very same time period, there appeared to be a restored interest in the old fashioned beach cruiser bikes that had the larger soft tires I had grown up using. Yet I must confess, I missed the advantage of having multi-speeds.

It wasn’t long until finally a few of the main bike manufacturers began producing hybrid bikes. The first several years they merely took a common street bike and switched out the bicycle handlebars for upright mountain bike styles. Nearly all went with a tire the equivalent size or only a bit more substantial then their own street bikes, just with a certain amount of more aggressive tread. Typically the early hybrids were a little more comfortable then the regular street touring bicycle but their tires made them a bit worse on pavement and thus just good for gravel or dirt paths off road. Don’t get me wrong, they were definitely proceeding in the best direction.

Right now, it’s not difficult to be mixed up between terminology such as mountain bicycles, beach cruiser bicycles, hybrid bicycles and even commuter bicycles, electric bicycles and folding bicycles. Because of the number of distinctly different types of bicycles to consider you will need to choose the variety that is most desirable for your specific type of riding. Each and every style of bike mentioned has distinct features which make them far better for one kind of riding then another.

However I do think the best thing about cycling nowadays is actually the ability to adapt or customize mens bicycles to your particular needs. Previously you were extremely limited when searching for bike parts or accessories due to the fact that local bike retailers just stocked parts for their particular brand names of products.

Nowadays you’ll find websites presenting not only lots of brands of bikes but a large variety of bicycle parts and accessories. You can easily find Schwinn bicycle parts, Shimano bicycle parts, bicycle bags, bicycle locks, bicycle handlebars, bicycle brakes, along with bicycle tires and wheels in one handy place. The best part of shopping online is that most items are in stock and you don’t have to concern yourself with special orders.

The great supply of bicycle parts enables virtually any bicycle owner to very easily personalize his bicycle for ultimate comfort and performance. It seems this is certainly one method of transportation which stays inexpensive and also can be quite healthy. So why not look at a brand new bike this season or at the least tuning up that old one in your garage.

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